Family Nutrition Counselling in Noida - Dt Reema
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Family Nutrition Counselling

Family Nutrition Counselling in Noida – Dt Reema


One of the best dietitians in Noida, Reema Madhian, has been working extensively with kids and family for almost two decades.  So if you want a diet plan for your kids or the whole family to sustain a healthy lifestyle together, Dt. Reema Madhian will be more than happy to help you and guide you to lead a healthy pathway. 


Everyone’s busy, and nobody has time to work on themselves in such a demanding lifestyle. However, the Nutritionist Reema Madhian will create a diet plan, which is to be followed rigorously so that you and your family stay in good health.

Features of the program
  • Will understand your family’s current eating habits, lifestyle, medical history, etc for the initial stage.


  • Any food sensitivity you have!


  • Suggest some exercises according to every individual’s current health status. 


  • It will help you practice the changed lifestyle or eating habits until it becomes a natural routine of your life.