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Overweight Kids Nutrition Program



The kids of today’s era are seen to be more fond of activities and stuff which are having a bad effect on their routine and health. They are more indulgent in eating junk rather than having a healthy whole meal, as junk food has stabilised itself as the first choice of children nowadays. 

It is impossible to track the child’s diet for a whole day, nor can you stop them forcefully.  This unhealthy lifestyle has created a significant problem of overweight in children of young age. The caregivers often get worried about their child’s weight and health. Such parents seek professional assistance from a paediatrician and other doctors in cases of overweight or other activities. 

To overcome these issues some dieticians devised a kids’ nutrition programme in Noida. Several nutrition programmes are going on, and one of the most excellent nutrition programmes is established by one of the generous dieticians in Noida, Reema’s diet and wellness clinic. Below is the personalized diet plan created by the dietician Reema.


  1. Features of programme
  2. Diet plan 
  3. Healthy tips
  4. Diet foods
  5. Takeaway



The fundamental feature of this programme is to help the child along with better treatment planning by determining the following. 

  • Determine the psychology of the child to assemble a better future
  • Recommending exercises and other activities for calorie burn. 
  • The most important feature is that this programme will help the child deal with the problem of being overweight and specific necessities such as exam stress, competition, etc.



For a proper diet plan for your child, you must visit a dietician for a good rapport and better understanding. The guardian or parent can fulfil many requirements to attain and maintain a healthy weight for their child. The dietician will provide you with a proper diet chart only if you provide them with your child’s necessities, the exact age of your child, and which meal you prefer (vegetarian or non-vegetarian )

With this, you can receive a daily-customized feast plan for your child. Such healthy diet plans will easily take care of a child’s nutrition as per their age and food priorities. As the parents and family play a major role in teaching the child healthy habits, the parent has to be aware of their child’s activities and food habits. 

  • HEALTHY TIPS: Possibilities of carrying the excess weight in adulthood after being an overweight child are a lot more. Elder or adult populations who are heavyset can acquire unavoidable diseases and other health-related causes. 
  • Methods to encourage the child in creating healthy habits: Acquiring healthy eating manners by the entire family will develop a healthy lifestyle for the child at home. To eradicate or prevent the problem of overweight in children the whole family needs to contribute to a healthy diet and lifestyle. The involvement of a complete family will make this program much easier for the child. A child whose parents have a healthy and routine lifestyle like being physically active, less screen time, and meals that include green vegetables, fruits, and proper nutrients have low chances of developing overweight.  
    • obesity in children 

    A proper understanding of your kid’s eating routines is necessary. Parents need to interact with their children and make them understand the importance and need of a healthy diet and routine. Also, the parents must tell their children which food and beverages are more nutritious than other products and how they can benefit their bodies to make them strong and immune.

    Along with the eating habits, the guardians require their children to understand the importance of physical activity. Children should perform physical activity regularly for at least one hour. Parents should reduce their children’s screen time to less than 2 hours a day and make sure that their child takes enough naps. 

    Parents should get weight checkups at regular intervals. According to some studies, the relationship between weight and sleep is inversely proportional to each other. It was surveyed that overweight children usually sleep less than an average healthy child. 

  • Ways to enhance a child’s eating habits to endure obesity
    There are many ways to make your child understand the necessities of a healthy diet besides consuming a high-calorie, high-sugar, or high-fat diet. Parents should convince their children of alternative options for food like 

    • Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 
    • Rather than choosing high-fat meat, prefer lean meats, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, soy products, and eggs.
    • Instead of whole milk or cream, prefer fat-less or low-fat milk and milk products or milk alternatives, for example, soy liquids with the addition of calcium and vitamin D. 


    • Rather than preserving milkshakes or ice cream, parents must make an effort to use fruit and vegetable smoothies. 
    • The control of the quantity of food the child is eating should also be the point of attention. Excessive consumption of anything can lead to weight gain. To resolve such problems, the parents should choose small cutleries or plates to feed the child.  
    • The back labels of any packed food or beverages should be read carefully to determine the number of calories and fat in them.
    • Sugar and starch-rich diets and beverages are contraindicated in children with overweight.


Parents need to know about healthy eating and diet plans. A meal with all the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other essential body requirements is vital along with physical activities. 

Consumption of almonds, cashews, walnuts, curd, fox nuts(makhana), salad, chicken, cereals, soup, oats, brown bread, health sandwiches, milk, and other dietary items should be given with proper management of time and schedule.  With these practices and diets, your child with obesity or overweight can lose weight effectively without any side effects. 


If you want your child to lose weight effectively, but till now, you couldn’t find a better diet plan? Then you must consult the best health and wellness consultant,  dietician Reema Madhian in Noida. Dietician Reema is also running programmes on nutrition for overweight kids, which will give substantiated results.