Sustainable Weight Management Program in Noida - Dt Reema
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Sustainable Weight Management

Sustainable Weight Management Program in Noida – Dt Reema


We all are trapped in a lifestyle where we worry about losing some fat, and on the other day, we might desire to gain some weight. Before looking out for options, you need to learn first to love yourself. Basic physical activity is necessary for each individual to sustain the metabolism of the body.

Features of the program
  • Understand your body type, weight, medical history, etc.


  • The Nutritionist will give counseling regarding a sustainable lifestyle and a balanced diet plan.


  • Basic exercises will be suggested, but don’t push yourself so hard to get in shape. 


  • Weight management tips at the end of the program.
The program specialises in
  • Indian Veg Diet Plans for fast weight loss
  • Indian Non Veg Diet plans for fast weight loss
  • Faster Weight loss diets for PCOS / PCOD patients
  • Faster Weight loss Diet for Hypothyroid cases
  • Weight loss for defence personnel
  • Weight loss for flying crew
  • Weight loss for Beauty Paegeant Contestants
  • Weight loss for Wedding / events