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Having 25 years of experience, Reema Madhian, the best dietitian title winner, believes that, being healthy is a choice we make, every day.


Dt Reema Madhian, Best Nutritionist

Award Winner (2019)


25+ years of experience(2019)


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We all can agree on the fact that healthy food can sometimes be boring but it can be effective as well. Having 25 years of experience Dt. Reema Madhian the best Dietician in Noida, make sure to add some flavor in your diet plan to help you eat healthily. She offers a scientifically designed program based on individual needs and body types as every person is different and the effect of food on each

person varies accordingly. Dt. Reema Madhian is the best dietician in

Delhi NCR. She has extensive experience in handling therapeutic diets for thyroid, PCOD, Diabetes, Menopause, Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, and post Pregnancy Diets.


“Eating organic isn’t a trend, it’s a return to Tradition.”

“Avoid Covid-19 viruses , Avail our Online Diet Services”

“nutrition can protect people’s health during COVID-19”

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world on halt, in addition to compromising the health of billions of individuals around the globe. It has also quickly become one of the significant challenges in the healthcare sector, with numerous other diseases and complications putting people’s immunity systems at risk. Furthermore, with the markets now opening up, people have also started venturing out of their homes. Due to this, along with other lifestyle factors such as an inadequate diet, it is the need of the hour to pay attention to our diets.

Hippocrates believed and said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This statement is relevant even today. However, owing to the infectious nature of COVID-19, consulting an online dietician is quickly becoming crucial. A dietitian in Noida will help to adopt a healthy lifestyle and design individual-specific programs based on needs and body types.


Online dietician in Noida offers


Some of the significant services that one can enjoy from an online dietician include the following: 

  • Weight loss programs: These programs are for people who wish to reduce their excess weight. From post-pregnancy weight loss to weight loss for overweight children and women suffering from PCOS, these programs are great if one wants to lose weight without indulging in crash diets or unhealthy workouts.
  • Nutritional Counselling: In this service, the nutritionist in Noida offers an initial nutritional assessment, followed by family nutritional counselling, a nutrition program specially designed for people who play different types of sports, and a health program for PCOS patients.
  • Diet Management: Various diet management programs, including ones for specific dietary needs, diabetic patients, therapeutic diets for specific medical concerns, and a pre-wedding diet explicitly created for brides and bridegrooms.
  • There are specific nutrition and diet plans available for pregnant women, and those who wish to gain weight, instead of losing it.


Online dietician service is helpful….. Because?


By consulting an online dietician in Noida, one can assure that nutritional status will be maintained. Furthermore, a dietician will also help maintain a robust immunity system whilst indulging in nutrient and mineral-rich food. Additionally, consulting an online dietician does not require unnecessarily going out of home, especially during the current times.

An online dietician will help achieve optimal nutrition and dietary intake, which will build resilience towards COVID-19 and other diseases. A balanced diet consulted by the dietician will also promote a robust immune system that can help fight the virus.


You can benefit from consulting an online dietician


In addition to providing the best weight gain/loss diet plan in Noida, along with other services, an online dietician and nutritionist also remain concerned about their patient’s health at all times. They follow a comprehensive yet reliable and straightforward approach to health management. Without making them feel deprived of food, they help develop a healthy relationship with food and body.

Furthermore, they also create simple guidelines and diet plans customized to food preferences, allergies (if any), and your body type. If one is suffering from ailments like thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and nutrition plans, it is also customized accordingly, right from home’s comfort.




With the new set of challenges imposed by COVID-19, an individual’s emotional, mental and physical health has changed, leading to an increase in obesity and other health-related ailments. Consult an online dietician to curb the sleeping habits, lack of physical activity, eating patterns and get the best diet for weight loss. It will ensure that one is encouraged to eat healthily and adapt to a more fit lifestyle.


Keep track of calories

Keep track of how many calories are added in your meal, as it is also helpful in planning the physical exercise.

Exercise daily

To sustain the metabolism of the body, you need to work out daily. Don’t push yourself too hard to fit in. However, basic exercise is sufficient in order to stay active.

Eat the right food

Consumption of the right food is as important as working out daily. If you’re willing to give up on the junk, you’ll get the desired results no matter what.

Sleep well

At least eight hours of sleep and regular nap intervals are necessary to keep the body active throughout the day.


We say…..

        Adapt a healthy lifestyle !!!

“Our guide to establish healthy eating habits”

What you are eating every day has a significant effect on your health and how you feel and will feel in the future. Good nutrition plays a vital role in helping you lead a very healthy and happy lifestyle. With some good physical activity, your diet can help you maintain a very healthy weight and decrease the risk of some chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease—your overall health and well-being increase.

The best dietician/dietitian in Noida recommends developing and maintaining healthy eating habits. When you start by integrating some of the small changes in your diet and day-to-day activities, you can easily make a significant impact on your health.

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Try to follow the following eating habits in your daily diet:

  • Half of your plate should have fruits and vegetables: Select red color, orange color, and a green vegetable for your everyday meal along with some fruits. The more colorful you make your plate with fruits and vegetables, the more vitamins, fiber, and minerals enters your body.
  • Add whole grains: Try to switch refined grain with whole-grain foods. Try to go through the ingredients and select products that have whole grain ingredients in the list.
  • Fat-free or low-fat milk is the best option: A fat-free milk contains the same amount of calcium and other required nutrients but with less fat and calories than fat-containing milk.
  • Select varied lean protein foods for your diet: Protein food groups include not only meat, poultry, and other different seafood but also beans, nuts, seeds, etc.


Along with all these essential tips, some of the other factors for leading a healthy lifestyle is the right amount of exercise and drinking enough water. A healthy nutritional diet and active lifestyle can play wonders and keep you free from ailments.

One can find many online dieticians in Noida who can provide some of the better health solutions. Along with some of the regular nutritionists in clinics, many best nutritionists in Noida work from their home and offer consultation online. A good nutritionist based on various factors like your lifestyle, age and existing health conditions help you to

  • Correct your eating habits
  • Lead a very healthy life
  • Plan your meals and making the right food choices


Now that you have gone through healthy eating habits and tips try adding them to your regular diet.




          “At the Same Time Stay Healthy”

Are you planning for a vacation with your friends or family to unwind after a long hectic work schedule? Well! That’s good as it helps you to rejuvenate and get some fresh energy to start refreshing. Vacation with your loved ones allows you to celebrate with them, explore new places, and try something new and exciting. We often try to enjoy local street foods when we are on vacation. But amidst all these fantastic things, you should not leave your healthy eating practices behind. Try consulting a good dietician in Noida who can help you shed those extra calories during your vacation without compromising your favorite foods.

All the healthy eating habits you follow at your home might disrupt when you travel and go to some unfamiliar places. You have gone on a vacation with your loved ones, and they might push to have some sweet treats or other foods that are not healthy.

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Thus, before going on a vacation, plan well to find ways to access nutritious and travel-friendly meals. You can consult the best dietitian in Noida who can help find ways to retain your healthy eating plan when you are on vacation:


Tips for consuming healthy food while traveling:

  • Plan well before you start your vacation: Pack your snacks and some easy meal items as much as possible. Some of the best travel-friendly snacks are unsalted nuts, whole fruits, crackers made from full-grain, and applesauce cups. If you have a small size cooler, you can carry packed cheese, veggies along with Greek yogurt.
  • Select wisely while eating out: Try to opt-out of the restaurant menu as much as possible and find out options for meals that have fruits and vegetables. I prefer drinking water and milk rather than soda. Avoid bread items and look for grilled items with some sauces by their side. Most restaurants fill your plate with a significant portion, but you must take your time and chew your food correctly. Most dieticians recommend not to gulp your food without chewing it properly.
  • Remain safe: wash and sanitize your hands properly before you start eating to prevent the spread of germs easily. Ensure that hot food remains hot and cold food stays cold. Eat food only when you are hungry and balance the number of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates you consume. Overeating leads to the over-accumulation of fats in your body.
  • Do not starve yourself: Maintaining healthy eating habits does not imply that you will have to starve when you don’t get an option for the right foods. Try not to skip any meal in between. It will slow down your metabolism and might influence you to overeat.
  • Keep an eye on the serving size: While enjoying a buffet at the time of holidays, remember to take small sizes and eat only those you like. There is no need to make your plate filled with food.
  • Try not to pass your time with food to meet your other requirements: Feeling shy or awkward in any social scenario? Do not depend on food to avoid any such interactions. It is better to leave that situation than to consume food that is not required. Along with that, try to avoid all food temptations.

Now that you have gone through the various dietary tips to be followed when you are on vacation. Try following them strictly. Also, ensure that you consult a good nutritionist in Noida to help you with the best diet plan. With these essential tips, you can easily enjoy the retreat without gaining weight. Experience the fun of tasting the local cuisines available at your vacation spot but do not bring home that extra pounds of body weight. 



1.Who is a Dietician in Noida?

Dr Reema is a famous dietician in Noida, who provides excellent consultation for healthy diets, catering to the health needs of a wide array of people.

2. Who is a Nutritionist in Noida?

Consult Dr Reema for healthy diet plans and nutritional advice in Noida. With more than a decade of experience, she is a famous nutritionist in Noida.

3. What's the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist in noida?

Dr Reema is a dietician and nutritionist, who caters to healthy individuals as well as those with an underlying health condition.

4. Are there different types of dietitians in noida?

Dr Reema is an expert dietitian in Noida and provides dietary consultation for a wide variety of health concerns.

5. When should I consult a dietitian in noida?

Consult Dr Reema for healthy diet plans in Noida. She provides dietary consultation for a number of health issues.

6. Who is the most famous dietician & nutritionist in noida?

Visit Dr Reema for expert consultation on the best diet and nutrition plans in Noida. She is a famous health expert in Noida.

7. Where to find the best diet clinic in noida?

Visit the most famous diet clinic in Noida and consult Dr Reema for the best health consultation and diet plans.

8. Are there any online dieticians in Noida?

Dr Reema is an expert nutritionist and dietician, who provides online consultation for quality diet plans and nutritional advice.

9. What is a healthy weight range for me?

Consult Dr Reema, who is the best dietician and nutritionist in Noida and get to know the ideal range of weight for you.

10. Should I see a dietitian or nutritionist to lose weight?

Visit Dr Reema’s health clinic to avail the best advice on losing weight by following a nutrition program, for healthy weight loss.

11. Who can provide the best weight gain diet plan in Noida?

Visit Dr Reema’s health clinic to avail the best advice on gaining weight by following a nutrition program, for healthy weight gain.

12. Who can provide the best weight loss programs in Noida?

Dr Reema provides the best weight loss programs in Noida with her healthy diet and nutrition plans. Visit her clinic today for the best health advice.

13. Does a dietitian only help with weight loss?

Dr Reema is an experienced nutritionist and dietician who can help you lose or gain weight and treat underlying health conditions.

14. Can a dietician help me with post-pregnancy weight loss in Noida?

Consult Dr Reema today for healthy weight loss after pregnancy. She is the best nutritionist and dietician in Noida.

15. Does a dietitian only help with weight loss?

Dr Reema is an expert nutritionist and dietician in Noida. She helps people lose weight, gain weight or treat health issues with her diet plans.

16. Is a dietitian going to ask me to make a lot of changes all at once?

Dr Reema is an expert nutritionist in Noida who provides in-depth consultation to make healthy changes gradually.

17. What should I expect from a dietitian in Noida during the first appointment?

Dr Reema is an expert dietitian in Noida who provides in-depth consultation in the first meeting to help you understand the goals of her plans.

18. How much does it cost to meet with a dietitian in Noida?

Visit Dr Reema’s clinic in Noida to consult for the best diet and nutrition plans. Charges for her health plans vary.


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