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10 Natural Foods to Control Diabetes


10 Natural Foods to Control Diabetes

It can be difficult for the person suffering from diabetes to decide what all they can include in their diet to control and regulate diabetes. There are many cases where people worsen their health conditions by not being selective about their eating habits. However, here we have listed 10 natural foods that can be consumed in order to control diabetes:

Leafy Vegetables:

All the green leafy vegetables are a pack of all the essential vitamins and minerals that are required for your healthy mind and body. They have a negligible amount of calories or sugar in it. Thus, they are not harmful to diabetes patients and helps to control the same. These are also a good source of antioxidants.

leafy veg


We all are well aware that eggs are rich in proteins. Thus, rather than relying on other sources of proteins that may take your diabetes out of control, it is preferred that they eat eggs to feed their body with a good amount of protein. Moreover, consuming eggs also reduces the chances of heart diseases.


Chia Seeds:

Seeds are small but a rick pack of several nutrients. Since the seeds have an ability to grow an entire tree out of it, they are considered as one of the best sources of all the vital nutrients required by the body. Apart from that, chia seeds are can lower down the sugar levels of your body and thus helps in controlling diabetes. Many people keep their diabetes under control by consuming a decent amount of chia seeds with their meal.

chia seeds


Turmeric is the spice that is included as a major ingredient in antioxidants. Since diabetes brings along heart as well as kidney-related problems, consuming turmeric can make sure that both of these organs are safe. Also, turmeric can reduce blood sugar levels and contribute to controlling diabetes.



A good amount of probiotics in yogurt can help in maintaining sugar levels and reducing the chances of heart diseases in the future. Moreover, eating yogurt is also found useful to people suffering from overweight due to diabetes. Not only yogurt, but other dairy products can also be consumed in a limited amount to improve and control diabetes.



Are you missing the delicious food items in your diet for diabetes? Then including nuts in your diet will help you for the same since they are beneficial for the body and tastes delicious. Eating a variety of nuts such as cashew, almond, walnut, and pistachios can lower sugar levels in the blood. Also, they provide your body with all the essential nutrients required for the body growth.



Eating broccoli is beneficial for our body health in several ways. On consuming broccoli, there are good chances of your insulin levels getting back in control. It can be very useful for diabetes patients working to lose weight and bring their bodies back in shape. This is because broccoli has a low amount of calories but a good amount of nutrients.


Whole Grains:

It is important to ensure that people suffering from diabetes consume a good amount of fiber. This fiber helps to make their body fit by slowing down the digestion rate. Since the absorption of nutrients and sugar from the good is slow, it will help the people suffering from diabetes to control their blood sugar level. Thus, it becomes essential that people suffering from diabetes switch from white flour to whole grain.


Fatty Fish:

Consuming fatty fishes is beneficial for almost all types of major health problems. Our body gets essential and healthy fats for eating fatty fishes. These healthy fats are not only required for a healthy mind, but also regulates the sugar levels in our body. Apart from fatty fish, other kinds of seafood when eaten with leafy vegetables is much helpful to control diabetes.



Having a good amount of nutrients with a low carbohydrate level, beans are one of the best options for the people suffering from diabetes. Moreover, it also regulates blood pressure and keeps an individual safe from heart diseases. Since beans are rich in magnesium, iron, and potassium, they provide strength to the body and makes them capable of performing heavy physical activities.

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