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11 Foods that Boost and Improve Immunity

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11 Foods that Boost and Improve Immunity

There are certain bacteria as well as viruses that are extremely dangerous for your body. Hence, you require good body immunity to fight these external agents. To build a good immune system of your body, it is important to consume a particular type of food. Unhealthy food can make your immunity even worse and can make you more prone to various types of diseases. Therefore, to boost and to improve immunity, you must ensure consuming the following food items:


These are small in size but do contain a lot of essential nutrients. They are widely suggested by the professionals and are believed to be an immune system booster food for the body. They contain flavonoids that keep your respiratory system healthy and free from any kind of disease as well as an infection. Many problems like a common cold can also be cured by consuming a good amount of blueberries.


Dark Chocolate:

An antioxidant called theobromine is highly present in dark chocolate. Theobromine is known for its ability to improve the immune system booster food in a human body. This is the reason why dark chocolates play an important role in building immunity to some extent. However, these dark chocolates are also rich in calories. Thus, it should only be consumed in a controlled manner.

dark chocolate


This is a natural ingredient that is also used in various medicines as well for a long time. Turmeric is healthy for our body as it is the immune system booster food. People consuming turmeric on a regular basis have an amazing immune system and are quite less prone to catch infections.


Oily Fishes:

Oily fishes contain acids like omega-3-fatty acids which are known to cure a number of infections. People consuming this on a regular can never be suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. This is a disease when the immune system of our body attacks the body itself. It requires proper medical treatment to cure this disease. However, it can be prevented by eating oily fishes.



It has a rich content of vitamin C and thus boosts our immunity. Apart from broccoli, other green leafy vegetables also have a good content of other such vitamins that are required by the body for a good immune system.


Sweet Potatoes:

These are prescribed to eat by the doctors to the people having a weak immune system. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A which boosts up the immune system. Apart from that, it also gives protection to our skin from the direct sun. It does not allow the UV rays to harm our skin and hence keeps it protected.



Fresh vegetables like spinach have a rich content of vitamin C as well as vitamin E. These two play an important role in building a good immune system. They are also rich in antioxidants which help our body to fight any external agents that are likely to harm us. They also prevent people to catch a common cold. This is also a good immunity booster for kids.



Garlic is wildly known for its ability to fight illness, mainly cough, and cold. They are also mixed in the remedies to make the medicines for the same. They contain allicin which decreases the chances of catching cough and cold. This makes our immune system strong and able to fight the viruses that enter our bodies in such weather conditions. This too is considered as an immunity booster food for kids.


Green Tea:

People have started green tea to consider as immune system booster food recently. Basically, green tea consists of caffeine which is amazing for our immune system. It makes our immunity stronger and hence ability to fight diseases also increases. Moreover, green tea is also consumed by people to make their body fit and burn several calories. If green tea makes people fit and healthier, then even in this way it contributes to building the immune system of a body.

green tea


Various types of seeds such as sunflower seeds have a number of essential nutrients in it. Consuming a small number of seeds along with the meal can make your immune system stronger. Vitamin E, magnesium as well as fibers are highly present in these seeds which are required by the body to fight external agents. Free radicals that can harm our body cells can are killed by these nutrients that are present in the seeds.

sunflower seeds


Oranges are rich in a number of acids that can not be produced by our human body. It also has a good amount of vitamin C that can reduce the time duration when a person catches a common cold. You can quickly get back to normal if you consume a food amount of oranges and other such seasonal fruits.

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