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Diet Plan for Men and Women before Marriage

Diet Plan for Men and Women before Marriage

Every person, who has their marriage coming up wants to look their absolute best on “THE DAY”. Not just a trimmed and toned figure, they also want to have that perfectly glowing and dewy skin that makes the day even more special. 

Both the bride and groom need to have a diet that suits their well-being. Many individuals often rely on crash diets and avoid consulting a dietician for optimal health and well-being. However, to get the best diet plans before marriage in Noida, consulting a board-certified dietician is essential.

Here, we are going to include hits and misses, when it comes to the best diet for weight loss.

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  1. Importance of Diet Before Marriage
  2. Diet Plan for Bride-To-Be
  3. Diet Plan for Groom-To-Be Before Marriage
  4. Take Away

1. Importance of Diet Before Marriage

The importance of diet before marriage is both for the aesthetics as well as general health. Including optimum levels of macro and micronutrients along with the essential vitamins and minerals in the diet helps the individual keep up with their overall well-being and promotes weight loss and enhanced skin glow too.

Having a balanced diet helps you get back in shape for the dream wedding dress that you have had an eye on, since the beginning of the wedding planning. A proper diet helps restore the natural shine and glow to the skin, which is quintessential for those picture-perfect moments during the wedding. 

Additionally, planning a wedding is extremely hectic. From late nights to constant stress about the budget and the execution of the plans, your body goes through a lot during that time. It also has to deal with emotional  ups and downs. Getting customized diet plans before marriage in Noida has never been easier and you can see a stark difference on the day of your marriage.
So, consult the best nutritionist in Noida to get the best meal and diet plan that can complement your health before your big day.

2. Diet Plan for Bride-To-Be

The one wrong thing that everyone does with diet plans is picking up the random crash and FAD diets. These might show good results in the short-term,but end up hampering your health in the long run. Moreover, everyone’s body functions are different, for both men and women. So, when following a specific diet plan before marriage, one must stick to the customizable ones meant individually for the bride and the groom.

Here’s a structured meal plan for the bride-to-be.

Foods to eat

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vital nutrients which are good for overall well-being. The vitamins and minerals in the leafy greens and the juicy fruits are an amazing source of antioxidants and phytochemicals that promote weight loss and skin rejuvenation.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking at least 8 litres of water in a day will not just help with the hydration, it will also help flush out the unnecessary toxins from the body. Water is quintessential for restoring the natural glow of the skin before your wedding.

Drink green tea

Green tea is one of the best fat burners. So, if you are trying to lose weight, especially the visceral fat around the abdomen, green tea is the best solution. It contains polyphenols and antioxidants that promote metabolism of the body as well.

Cut out refined sugar

“Sugar is a white poison.” This is a phrase that every dietician swears by. Cutting out sugar from the diet before your wedding will improve your body functions and cognition. It boosts energy levels in the body and prevents risks of diabetes and negative impacts on the skin.

Consume Skimmed Milk

Including skimmed milk is specifically recommended for the brides who want to lose weight. It has low-fat content and is enriched with necessary levels of calcium and other minerals that the body needs.

Early dinner

According to a published study, late-night dinners contribute to weight gain and hypertension. Switching to an early dinner promotes weight loss, healthier digestion, and improved metabolism in the individuals.

Switch to healthy snacks

It is common for the brides to reach out for unhealthy snacks especially when they are burdened under the stress of a wedding. Instead of giving up on your desires, choose a healthier alternative like nuts, seeds, coconut water, protein shakes, or even fruits.

Diet Plan

3. Diet Plan for Groom-To-Be Before Marriage

Much like the brides, even grooms want to look their best on the special day of their marriage. However, relying on a calorie-deficit diet won’t help. Here are some dietary recommendations that can help them shed some extra pounds and have a shining glow on their wedding day.

Introduce leaner proteins

Lean proteins are an amazing source of protein for the body without the unnecessary inclusion of unhealthy fats that causes weight gain. These also help improve the body’s repair system, promoting skin rejuvenation and healing before your marriage. Some of the best sources of lean proteins include chicken, turkey, etc.

Consume balanced meals

A man’s body needs the necessary amounts of carbs, protein, and healthy fats to function optimally. It is one of the primary reasons why consuming a balanced meal is a key factor. A balanced diet also helps prevent the risks of fatigue, which is common before marriage.

Cut out alcohol

If you are a regular drinker, cutting it out before your wedding is crucial. Alcohol causes heavy dehydration in the body, which affects your skin and general health. It is also tied with permanent risks to the liver, which is the last thing you want to experience. Cutting out alcohol also promotes weight loss.

Switch to wholemeal foods

Another healthy switch that you can introduce to your diet is by choosing whole grain foods instead of refined carbs. For example, instead of relying on foods like white bread and pasta, consume brown or multigrain bread and brown rice.

Keep a check on the unhealthy eating

You are going to get invited to several events and parties during the marriage. Instead of letting go of your healthy diet, choose your restaurant meals wisely. Just because you are eating out doesn’t mean you need to eat unhealthily.

Take Away

The majority of these aforementioned habits won’t be easy to switch to. Especially if you eat unhealthy food in general, choosing “healthier” food can take some time to adjust to your taste buds. However, in the few days that you get used to it and also start noticing the results. This will further motivate you to keep up with the dietary plans recommended by the doctor.

At Dt. Reema, you will get the ideal diet plan customized to your body needs and preferences to get you ready for your special day.

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