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Common Myths About Diet-N-Nutrition

Common Myths About Diet-N-Nutrition


Dietary and Nutritional myths have been in our lives for years. Myths that were earlier passed through word-of-mouth in gyms and health clubs, now days have started spreading like wildfire through social media.

Unfortunately, the internet is rife with misinformation and when it comes to overall health and weight loss, there’s just too much advice out there. This ubiquitously poor advice and myths can create weight-loss hurdles and even cause damage to one’s health.

Here are few prevalent misguided myths about diet and nutrition that you need not believe –

*Myth 1*: One Can Make Their Way Out Of Eating Anything With Exercise

The myth that you can eat whatever you want and burn that calories with exercise is completely inaccurate. Although exercise is truly important, to lose weight and to maintain it you need to balance exercise along with a healthy and nutritious diet.

*Myth 2* Every Calories Is Equal

This is one myth that refuses to die and often keeps people away from staying healthy, as well as losing weight. And in this case, quality is what matters and not the number of calories. Whereas the truth is, that there are good as well as bad calories. The food industry loves spreading this myth because it makes buy more junk food.

*Myth 3* Skipping Meals Would Save Calories

This is one of the most common dietary myths! However it is completely false as skipping meals entirely is bound to make you feel tired and hungry, as a result of which you would most likely grab high on fat snacks or go for bigger meals when then what you usually eat.

*Myth 4* No Treats Al

One slip does not necessarily have to mean taking a complete fall and there’s no harm in allowing yourself a treat once in a while! Depriving yourself of all the foods you enjoy won’t work and you will eventually give in to the temptation resulting in total abandonment of your efforts. It is best to plan and consume small amounts of the foods you love in a few days gap and savor every mouthful.lowed

*Myth 5*Consuming Fats Would Make You Fat

This is another pet peeve that eating fat makes you fat. Not only does eating fats not make you fat, but it’s also

essential for health and weight loss. The right type of fat help to cool down inflammation, while sugary

items tend to fuel it. One should surely avoid trans-fats, but good fats that help escalate the metabolism

level like extra-virgin olive oil, coconut butter, avocado, nuts, and seeds should be a part of your regular


*Myth 6* Excess Salt Causes High Blood Pressure And May Lead To Strokes

This salt-related old myth is still alive and kicking. Lowering salt can indeed reduce blood pressure a little, but it does not have any relation with heart attack/strokes. Of course, if someone has a medical condition like salt-sensitive hypertension then it is a different case. But the general public health advice of everyone lowering their salt intake (and have to eat boring tasteless food) is baseless.

Stay clear of these dietary and nutrition-related myths and just focus on a well balanced as well as nutrition enriched lifestyle!

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