Diet & Optimal Health Program - Reema Diet and Wellness
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Diet & Optimal Health Program

Diet & Optimal Health Program in Noida

When you aim to gain fitness and inner stamina, and feelings of well-being or goodness from within, you can try our diet and optimal health program. You can also opt for this program if your goal is to tone your body or build your muscles. This program also highly emphasizes to revive lost health because of any health problem. So, you can gladly choose this program if you have any health issues like food allergies, liver disorders, kidney problems, stomach diseases, chronic constipation, osteoporosis, gout, arthritis, etc.

We lay stress on understanding the specific health requirements of your body, making you understand the same and investigating any history of health conditions that you may have to accordingly plan your diet and other necessities to ensure your optimal health. You only have to follow our health instructions for cooperating with our plan and remember that it is an all-round health program to improve your well-being from inside and out.

It will help if you keep in mind that Dietician Reema will personally communicate with you and clarify your queries. She will plan all your diets to help you.

Package Details
1 month – 5000:-
2 months – 8000/-
3 months – 11500/-