Disclaimer Statement - Dt Reema’s Diet & Wellness
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Disclaimer statement – Dt Reema Diet & Wellness

The website of Dt Reema, the best online dietician in NOIDA,  does not provide any form of therapeutic guidance. All the articles and blog posts on the website have been created to provide basic knowledge about dietary habits and various food items to the patients or the readers. These should not be substituted for a physician’s or doctor’s medical advice.


We request all our readers not to replace the doctor’s advice or refrain from going to a qualified professional just because they read something on the website regarding their problem. All the information provided to the patients is very brief and is written in easy and simple language; removing all the technicalities to make it more understandable for the reader. 


All the articles and write-ups are written with the utmost care and precision regarding factual correctness. Even after uploading the papers, they are thoroughly checked for any mistakes or discrepancies. We also continuously update our content according to the latest information and guidelines. 


However, we cannot guarantee that the content is exactly up-to-date. Kindly check the timeline for the date of uploading the article. Kindly use the articles only as a source of information and not as a definitive method to imply in your lives. If you face any issues, contact Dt Reema with your diet-related inquiries. In case you experience any health difficulty, consult a physician or doctor for the correct treatment strategy. 


We provide the patients with weight loss diet counselling, optimal weight gain counselling, nutritional counselling, diet management, pregnancy care programs, etc. We cannot guarantee a 100% result of losing or gaining a certain amount of weight in a specific period by following these weight loss programs in NOIDA, because weight measurements depend on many individual factors like BMR, gender, age, genetic makeup, race, etc. that varies from person to person. 


We provide people with weight loss programs in NOIDA with correct nutritional content. But the patients should not expect miraculous results like losing 10-15 kgs in a month. This is neither feasible nor advised by Dt Reema, who is one of the best online dietician in NOIDA. The possible loss of 2-3 kgs in a month is also possible with complete patient compliance and strict adherence to the plans. 


Complete patient compliance and a motivated mindset are essential for the best results. You have to commit to take responsibility for your actions and understand that the dietitian can only guide you and cannot control what you consume versus what was prescribed.


Patients suffering from diseases like PCOS, thyroid, etc., are provided with diet plans according to their condition. But one thing should be kept in mind that the appearance of results will take time. Patients should not expect to see improvement in weeks or months. 


We do not recommend or encourage any breaks in the diet plan provided to you as they cause hindrance in the program. Moreover, for best results any personal events like vacations, family functions, etc. may be integrated into your daily lifestyle choices. It should not be an excuse to stop eating healthy. However, if you do need to pause your program due to any emergent reason, do let us know. 


One should inform us about allergy to any known food items at the beginning of the program itself. We will not be responsible for any mishaps that occurs due to allergy to food items if not informed in advance. In case you experience any symptoms of allergy like rashes, itching, puffiness, difficulty in breathing, etc., on consuming any food item, go to the emergency immediately as it can be life-threatening. One should report any such incident to us without fail. 


There are links to other websites, and one may direct you to other third-party sites from here. Dt Reema will not be responsible for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature might occur because of goods used or information utilized from these third-party websites.


Though the entire team takes a lot of effort to keep the website running smoothly and without any glitches, Dt Reema does not accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for the website being temporarily unavailable due to any technical issues which may arise beyond the control.