Post Menopausal Weight Loss Program in Noida - Dt Reema
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Post Menopausal Weight Loss Program

Post Menopausal Weight Loss Program in Noida – Dt Reema

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People might say that it’s almost impossible to lose weight after menopause. However, being optimistic works for everyone. It can be difficult and time-consuming but not impossible to lose some pounds. We will create the best weight loss plan for you that will work wonders if you follow it willingly.

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Features of the program
  • Suggest alternate options and lifestyle changes that will ensure your good health. 
  • Consumption of certain food items will be restricted, and keep a diary with you to analyze how your body is reacting to the changes. 
  • Stay active. To maintain a healthy metabolism, a nutritionist will recommend certain exercises to perform daily.
  • Tips on how to maintain overall health.



1 month-5000/-
2 months – 8500/-
3 months – 11500-

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