Stay Home, Stay Healthy - Reema Diet and Wellness
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Stay Home, Stay Healthy

stay healthy

Stay Home, Stay Healthy

Many of us have been passing the buck saying “one day” when it comes to doing something new or untried or even the odd jobs around the house.

And now that the world is on lockdown, and we have no choice but to spend time at home, there couldn’t have been a better opportunity to start doing things that you planned to do ‘one day’!

But before that, please do keep in mind that health is where everything is rooted. And to stay idle too, you need to be really healthy!

So apart from learning that new language, reading the book you always wanted to, and cooking up delectable dishes, you do need to look at your health before all else.

healthy diet

Eating well

A healthy diet is not just a requirement for your physical health but also nourishes your metal being. It is proven that physical health is necessary to fight against chronic illness such as heart diseases, diabetes, or obesity and on similar lines, a healthy mind is needed against depression and anxiety.

For a balanced diet, it is important to avoid junk and processed food that are high in fat and sugar content. Make sure your diet plan has balanced quantities of all required vitamins as well as minerals.

Sleeping well

You always wanted to snooze a bit more, now is the chance to sleep well and soundly at that. Sleep is essential for our well-being where our body gets adequate rest for repairing cells, clearing toxins, and maintaining our physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on our overall health.

Just like you would not want your routine to be disrupted, you will also need to make sure that your schedule for sleeping is as good as the one you have mapped out for eating, working, and exercising. Six to nine hours of sleep per night is needed for the body to function well. Also, following a consistent sleep pattern (i.e. same daily sleep schedule) is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.


Exercising well

You do know you feel good after a good exercise. This healthy routine includes regular exercise, good sleep schedule, improved memory, cognition as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

So, why wait to jumpstart your healthy life?

Schedule your exercise regime into three sections, morning, evening, and afternoon. Conduct 10 minutes session each and see the change. Following this regime will soon reflet in happier and healthier you.

A lot of yoga and pilate classes are being offered online. Sign up for one of them and notice the difference.

Mentally well

Remember to switch off the laptop at the end of the day and make sure you do pleasurable activities for mood elevation. Do anything that makes you smile – gardening, listening to music, learning a new instrument, or any other intellectual pursuits.

You could use this time to catch up with friends and family virtually and be part of their daily lives.

Practicing breathing techniques in times of despair and frustration will also be of great help. And do look at the silver lining – the commute is over for the time being!

Take care and stay safe and healthy. Because this too shall pass. And pass soon.

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