Look !!! What our client says about us
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Success Stories

Look !!! What our client says about us

Name: Mrs. Priyanka


Service: Diabetic Diet Management Program


Duration: 6 Months, She Lost Kgs of weight in 6 months, she started at 145.6kgs within 6 months her weight was 120kg. She also have diabities

Name: Mr Karan & Ms Shreya


Service: Weight Loss Program


Duration: 4 Months, Both Mr. Karna and Ms Shreya joined the Program and Karan has reduced 16kg and 20 Inches in Overall Body , Shreya has reduced 12kg and 15 Inches in Overall Body , Karan’s Slip Disk Issue is aslo better now

Name: Mr Manish.


Service: Weight Loss Program


Duration: 2 Months
Mr. Manish Lost 10Kgs and 4-5 inches of his tummy in 2 Months and Has been maintaining from that day onwards

Name: Mrs. Megha


Service: Post Pregnancy Program


Duration: 2 Months, Mrs Megha lost 8kgs of her weight and 5 inches from tummy area within the span of 2 months

Name: Dr. Kuldeeep


Service: Weight Loss Program


Duration: 3 Months, Dr. Kuldeep Lost 12 kgs of his body weight and 15 inches in overall body he was able to reduce 6 inches of tummy area with in the span of 3 months. he has been maintaining his body ever since.

Name: Mr. Sanjiv


Service: Weight Loss program


Duration: 5 months, Mr. Sanjiv lost 13 kgs of his body weight and 5 inches from the tummy area, he was able to maintain his choleterol level also while reducing the weight

Name: Mrs. Shruti


Service: Weight Loss Program


Mrs. Shruti has lost 10 kgs in 3 months and has been maintaining since then. She had PCOS earlier which is totally eradicated and her periods are regular now without any medication and only with healthy diet and lifestyle.

Name: Mrs. Sukriti


Service: PCOS